This nurse from The County stole the show at Bernie’s rally

One of the most pointed and poignant moments of the rally featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez in Portland last night came not during the speeches of any of the national leaders or elected officials who took to the podium, but during a two-minute introductory address early in the evening by Samantha Paradis, a registered nurse and newly-minted political activist.

Paradis, a native of the St. John Valley who now works in Waldo County, described what the attacks on the Afffordable Care Act and Medicaid by President Trump and congressional Republicans mean for her and her patients.

“I have the privilege of caring for people of all ages in their time of greatest need. I have seen firsthand the difference the Affordable Care Act has made,” said Paradis. “I should not be seeing patients in a diabetic coma who ran out of insulin two weeks ago because they could not afford their $400 co-pay. I should not have to discharge an older man home to live in his camper without heat or running water, knowing he will not be able to care for his wound at home.”

These experiences have led Paradis to take action. A recent graduate of Emerge Maine, which trains Democratic women to run for elective office, she announced onstage that she’ll be running herself this fall (although she didn’t say what office she would seek).


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