We have a chance to stop the TPP

We have a chance to stop the TPP

In just a few short days, the United States and 11 Pacific Rim nations will sign a disastrous, job-killing free trade agreement.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive giveaway to multinational corporations that will ship American jobs overseas and erode environmental and labor standards. In a still-recovering economy, we can’t afford another raw deal that will hurt consumers, American workers, and the environment.

The TPP is so dangerous that some are calling it “NAFTA on steroids” after the catastrophic North American Free Trade Agreement that caused the loss of one million good-paying American jobs, a massive multi-billion dollar trade deficit, and the further erosion of the middle class.

The TPP would be even worse. It would drive down American wages, allow a flood of unsafe and unlabeled food from overseas, roll back Wall Street regulations, and even give massive multinational pharmaceutical companies the ability to raise prescription drug prices on Americans.

Food processed halfway around the world is the opposite of what the American public wants. Increasingly, consumers want fresh, local food that they know is safe to feed their family. The list of food safety issues in China seems to get longer every day—tainted baby milk, rat meat sold as lamb and chicken with illegal drugs. By allowing these kinds of products to be imported into the United States, the TPP puts our rigorous food safety standards at risk in the name of higher profits for multinational corporations.

We still have time to convince Congress to stop this deal from going through. Please join me in speaking out now to stop the TPP before it becomes law in the United States.

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Rep. Chellie Pingree is farmer, mother, islander and Member of Congress for Maine's First District.


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