Yes on 1 volunteer effort begins in earnest

Yes on 1 volunteer effort begins in earnest

At a campaign office opening in Bangor on Sunday, supporters of Mainers for Accountable Elections kicked off a volunteer effort to identify and mobilize supporters of the referendum on the ballot this November that seeks to reduce the influence of big money in Maine politics.

“To paraphrase Upton Sinclair: it is difficult to get someone to understand something when their paycheck is influenced by not understanding,” explained volunteer Kimberly Hammill, who is also a leader with the Bangor Racial and Economic Justice Coalition, speaking at the event. “Question One will allow candidates in Maine to run for office without being influenced by big money. It will allow our elected officials to truly represent us, the people, and it will give voters the tools to follow the money in our elections so we can see who is truly trying to influence our vote.”

The referendum seeks to increase election transparency by requiring greater disclosure by political campaigns and interest groups, toughen penalties for violations of campaign finance law, and strengthen Maine’s opt-in system of public campaign financing.

“As a voter, it is understandable to be discouraged by the role Big Money has our political system and to feel that our vote is overshadowed by the demands of a few powerful players with deeper pockets,” said Emily Whitaker, a volunteer and student at the University of Maine. “This fall we have the opportunity to change this, to make our voices louder. By voting ‘Yes’ on Question One, we can make a real difference in the power of every individual vote in the state of Maine, and take the first steps to reducing the influence of big money in politics.”

Supporters of the campaign can sign up to volunteer


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