Bernie Sanders wins MPA straw poll in a landslide

861 Mainers participated in the Maine People’s Alliance Straw poll of the presidential race over the past few days, and their preference was clear: 79% cast verified votes by text message for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, with 21% preferring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The straw poll was opt-in and targeted to MPA members. It is not a scientific survey and is not likely to predict the results of this weekend’s Democratic caucuses. It does, however, show that Sanders’ message of addressing economic inequality has attracted the support of many active progressives.

“The overwhelming support for Bernie Sanders on the Maine Peoples Alliance straw poll is such an honor for the Bernie 2016 staff in Maine, as well as for all of Senator Sanders’s supporters who have devoted so much time and energy to ensure we win the caucuses throughout the state on March 6,” said Sanders campaign state director Ben Collings. “Senator Sanders’ leadership for economic and social justice is right in line with all the great work MPA’s staff and over 30,000 members do every day. If every MPA member and every other engaged Independent and Democratic voter in Maine shows up to the caucus on Sunday, March 6, we will deliver Bernie Sanders a resounding victory that will give him the momentum to win some big states later in March.”

Sanders and Clinton were included in the poll because of their endorsement of MPA’s core values of fairness, community and investment in the future. Over the past week, supporters of both candidates made their cases in blog posts and podcast interviews on Beacon and the state campaigns of both candidates promoted the straw poll on social media.

“We conducted this straw poll not just to show where MPA members stand on the presidential race, but to show that progressives can disagree on candidates in a civil way and have a productive conversation about the future of our state and country,” said Maine People’s Alliance communications director Mike Tipping. “The most important thing is that, whoever wins in the primaries, we continue to grow our progressive movement. It’s imperative that we work together this year to elect a president and other candidates who share our values and to pass a real minimum wage increase in Maine.”

Photo of Sanders at a Portland, Maine rally via campaign website.

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