Jackman ‘hot feminists’ protest their racist town manager

In response to the news that Jackman town manager Tom Kawczynski has been actively working to establish a white supremacist enclave entitled “New Albion” in western Maine, a group of local residents are making it clear that “the people in this area do not support his views.”Over the weekend, banners were hung throughout Jackman that declared “Smash White Supremacy,” and “New Albion?!? Can’t get theah from heah.”

In a statement shared with Beacon, the anonymous residents said they were compelled to take action to “make clear that the people in this area do not support [Kawczynski’s] views, and will challenge him in every way possible.” Their message, they added, is directed to “all people who share his sentiments.”

“These banners are from the people who live here, to our neighbors as well as to people from away: we will not stand for racism,” they wrote.

“White supremacy is not new to Maine, nor to this country, which was stolen from indigenous peoples through centuries of genocide,” the statement continued. “We reject the language and ideas of the alt-right, for they are a continuation of this violence.”

The statement was signed “with solidarity, Some hot feminists.” (In some of his online posts, Kawczynski had criticized the physical appearance of women who disagree with him.)

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