Jennifer Lawrence backs Maine’s Question 1 in new ad

Jennifer Lawrence, an actress known for starring in blockbuster movies including the Hunger Games series, has lent her talents to a new video ad in support of the people’s veto referendum to protect ranked-choice voting in Maine. Lawrence is also an anti-corruption activist and a board member of Represent Us, an organization advocating for transparency and ethics in government and fairness in elections.

“Over the past year I have been working with both conservatives and progressives on non-partisan initiatives that help make government work better for all Americans,” says Lawrence in the ad. “The people of Maine approved ranked-choice voting in 2016, a simple, fair, common-sense system of voting, but the state legislature overturned it. On June 12th, protect ranked-choice and our democracy by voting yes on Question 1.”

Some political observers noted that the ad may not play well in some parts of the state, and that Lawrence may be seen as an out-of-state celebrity attempting to influence the vote. “That’s it, everybody: Jennifer Lawrence is really going to resonate in Meddybemps,” wrote Bangor Daily News reporter Michael Shepherd on Twitter.

However, the online ad probably isn’t meant for voter persuasion. It’s more likely a tool to remind and motivate Question 1’s supporters and make sure they head to the polls. June elections usually see low turnouts, especially among unenrolled voters who might be likely to support ranked-choice voting but can’t cast ballots in primary races.

“We’ve worked so hard, and we’ve come so far, now all we have to do is go vote,” said Yes on 1 campaign manager Kyle Bailey in an email sharing the video. “Twelve more days.”

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