Mainers celebrate defeat of Republican health care repeal

Dozens of health care advocates visited all six district offices of Senator Susan Collins across Maine on Tuesday to thank her for her decision to oppose the latest iterations of Republican health care repeal legislation. They applauded her recent statements as well as the early and steadfast support of Sen. Angus King in ensuring continued access to health care for millions of Americans.

“We urge our senators to continue rejecting any health care plan that can endanger the lives and livelihood of Mainers. We expect Senator Collins to continue to put the needs of Mainers before her caucus,” said Marie Follayttar Smith, a co-founder of Mainers for Accountable Leadership, which helped to organize the visits. “Medicaid expansion is essential, not Medicaid destruction. Health care should not be reduced for low and middle income Mainers, while taxes are cut for the rich.”

A last-ditch attempt by Senate President Mitch McConnell to pass a repeal-only plan apparently died on the vine yesterday when three Senate Republicans joined all their Democratic and independent colleagues in opposition.

“We won this round because of the hard work of dedicated activists across the country, many of them folks getting involved in civic life for the first time,” said Maine People’s Alliance Bangor-area organizer Sam Portera. “But this fight isn’t over yet. This bill is like a boss in a video game; every time you think it’s dead it comes back stronger than before. Let’s make sure we’re ready for the next attack.”

Photos: Mainers at congressional offices in Portland and Lewiston on Tuesday.

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